I have been working with people who are experiencing grief a lot in the past year.

Here are several resources that may be helpful.

Restful Guided Practice

This is from an article about grief by Yoga International and offers a relaxing guided meditation, lying down (this pose is called Savasana. If you are nervous about what the guide may say, you can read the full text before you start. Here is part of the introduction:

Holding Space for Grief

Suppressing loss is a common coping mechanism. “Some losses feel too big to cope with immediately. Another loss might feel more ‘safe’ and easier to reconcile,” explains psychotherapist and ayurvedic yoga specialist Kathryn Templeton. “You might find it more accessible to touch your grief when your beloved dog dies than when a person close to you dies. As you access your grief for your beloved pet,” Templeton clarifies, “the door can open and allow you to then feel and express every other unexpressed loss.”

Suppression of grief can also rise from a lack of external support or guidance.

“We can’t always expect our loved ones to hold space for us,” Templeton explains. “They might not have known the person we lost as well as we did, or they simply did not know them in the way that we knew them.” Finding a quiet space and time that allows you to spend a few moments with your grief, while reminding you to breathe, and bringing you back to present time may be helpful. Listen to it here.