Chronic Pain and Depression

Do you have depression as well as chronic pain? I just read that 50% of people with depression and physical problems never mention to their doctor that they are depressed. If that is you, here is information to help you re-consider: “Pain slows recovery from depression, and depression makes pain more difficult to treat… Worse, […]

Sleep and chronic pain news

Sleep impairments are a stronger and more reliable predictor of pain than pain is of sleep impairments. Insomnia is an important topic for pain management and I found three good sources today. Check out the info graphic below and read on for tips and helpful info. Pain and sleep: a preventable cycle “When pain becomes […]

Pain is in your brain- Video

I have followed Lorimer Moseley’s and his institute’s work for the past few years. He is a researcher in Australia. Here is a 24 minute talk that is both entertaining and quite interesting. He explains how the brain learns to be in chronic pain, showing that the meaning attributed by the brain determines how much […]

The Sweet Spot: Book Review and video

The Sweet Spot is an excellent book that helped me to get going on  and actively work on my currentbig project. (The one that keeps me from posting more regularly). Christine is a sociologist at the Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley, and while her book is easy and conversational to read, its content is based […]

Boost your will power– not just around food

All of us have goals that we struggle with completing. We hope to change our habits and take better care of ourselves, but it is difficult to follow through. This talk offers some very surprising insights and strategies that can help you with your goals and resolutions for the holidays and the New Year. This is […]