You Are Not Your Pain– Book Review

This is a wonderful book if you would like to learn to approach your pain with mindfulness. This 8-week program step by step teaches you to use mindfulness to relieve pain, reduce stress, and restore well-being. ” Every Moment Is a New Chance”, the title of the first chapter is a hope-filled reminder that we can […]

The Sweet Spot: Book Review and video

The Sweet Spot is an excellent book that helped me to get going on  and actively work on my currentbig project. (The one that keeps me from posting more regularly). Christine is a sociologist at the Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley, and while her book is easy and conversational to read, its content is based […]

Book review: Move into Life

I am happy to introduce this book to you. I have spent a vacation week opening it at random, taking notes, talking about it to family and absorbing it’s message. This book combines three of my greatest interests: encouraging physical movement, flexibility of body, thinking and emotions, and information about neuroplasticity in this context. If […]

Bouncing Back- Book Review

Rewiring your brain for maximum resilience and well-being by Linda Graham. This is a hefty book at 430 pages with both practical tips, some very simple and easy to follow, and the background science for those of us who want to understand the details. Some of the techniques could make a difference in just minutes. […]

Yoga for Pain Relief– Book review

This excellent book was written by Kelly McGonical, a professor at Stanford University, who has chronic pain herself. If you think yoga cannot be for you, then this is a good book to start with. It introduces you to the mind-body benefits and practices of yoga–what yoga really is about–not just physical poses, but there […]

The Mindfulness Solution to Pain- Book review

This book is new to my bookshelf and I am enjoying reading it. It came at a time when my body is pretty cranky and I needed a kind reminder why mindfulness and meditation can be so helpful. I love that the authors encourage daily meditation, even if you start with only 5 minutes. Both […]

Book Review: More Language of Letting Go

This book with 366 “Meditations” by Melody Beattie has been a companion for over a year  now. Each day offers a personal reflection/story, a short meditation and an occasional “activity”. As is so often true with books like this, I continually find that Melody speaks to a current issue, just where I open the book. […]

Hardwiring Happiness

We have had the new book by Rick Hanson: Hardwiring Happiness since it was published, and I have not had a chance to read all of it because my husband keeps disappearing with it. I hope he leaves all the sticky notes where I put them– this is one of those books that gets underlined and sticky-marked […]