A free on-line pain management program

I have been looking for a program like this for several years now. It looks really good. There are many educational video you can check out without signing up for the program. Consider enrolling into this program, “Live plan be” if you would like to set goals, work with pain questionnaires and take part in an […]

Chronic Pain and Depression

Do you have depression as well as chronic pain? I just read that 50% of people with depression and physical problems never mention to their doctor that they are depressed. If that is you, here is information to help you re-consider: “Pain slows recovery from depression, and depression makes pain more difficult to treat… Worse, […]

You Are Not Your Pain– Book Review

This is a wonderful book if you would like to learn to approach your pain with mindfulness. This 8-week program step by step teaches you to use mindfulness to relieve pain, reduce stress, and restore well-being. ” Every Moment Is a New Chance”, the title of the first chapter is a hope-filled reminder that we can […]

Managing chronic pain more that half a lifetime– Part two

Interview with Juanda Lee De Shazer, Part two I recently interviewed a dear acquaintance of mine, Juanda now in her 91st year, about how she has coped with her chronic pain all these years. Here is part 2 of our conversation. [NOTE: After reading the interview notes, Juanda, who loves to write added a part three: talking about […]

91 years and still laughing and learning

An Interview with Juanda Lee De Shazer Recently I visited Juanda to interview her about how she has coped with her chronic pain all these years. At age 91, she has had chronic pain for more than half her life time. Here is part 1 of what we talked about. Juanda greeted me with a […]

Sleep and chronic pain news

Sleep impairments are a stronger and more reliable predictor of pain than pain is of sleep impairments. Insomnia is an important topic for pain management and I found three good sources today. Check out the info graphic below and read on for tips and helpful info. Pain and sleep: a preventable cycle “When pain becomes […]

Pain is in your brain- Video

I have followed Lorimer Moseley’s and his institute’s work for the past few years. He is a researcher in Australia. Here is a 24 minute talk that is both entertaining and quite interesting. He explains how the brain learns to be in chronic pain, showing that the meaning attributed by the brain determines how much […]

Water is therapeutic

Do you swim? Spend time in or by the water? I have long felt that being near running water and hearing its sounds for several hours at a time can be deeply nourishing. That could be a tiny creek that runs over a few boulders- I am told there need to be air bubbles to […]

Book review: Move into Life

I am happy to introduce this book to you. I have spent a vacation week opening it at random, taking notes, talking about it to family and absorbing it’s message. This book combines three of my greatest interests: encouraging physical movement, flexibility of body, thinking and emotions, and information about neuroplasticity in this context. If […]

Medications for chronic pain

I have been reluctant to write about medications, as a social worker I do not have medical training. But a recent video about opioid medication (below) and an inservice from my hospice doc, as well as the video I posted recently gave me enough input. This topic is especially important, as fewer doctors are willing […]