Archives for November 2013

Quick ways to relieve pain at your computer

If you are hurting during your office work day, or sitting at the computer after work trying to relax, you are in good company. Even though I don’t have chronic pain any more, my neck and shoulders often hurt at the end of the day from poor posture. When I found Undulation Exercises my body […]

Not enough on your plate?

This is not about food. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many of us are both concerned about gaining some weigh, and being too busy. I just found this great graphic by brain researcher Dr. Daniel Siegel and his colleague Dr. David Rock. When I cook, I like to use as many colors in […]

Just pause

A few years back I brought back this little pillow from Germany for my daughter who was in medical school at the time. Actually Pause (pronounce the e like an a) in German means a break during work or school. It brings to mind the 20 minute Pause we had in school to eat our […]

Fall Leaves

You may be getting tired of raking leaves, but I just found some dry ones to shuffle through this morning. And I feel happy. I grew up in Germany and so I get colored–leaf–deprived this time of year. Living in Redwood country, I have to find the few places that have planted deciduous trees and […]