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How you think about your life…

or how to feel better by feeding the “ant eater” with automatic negative thoughts or ANTS. I want to introduce you to this way of looking at our lives, written by Dr. Amen, a brain researcher and psychiatrist. He makes some of the successful cognitive behavioral concepts accessible and easier to remember. Dr. Amen calls […]

Chronic pain and what’s Enough?

Chronic pain and being enough I just realized that I do not often write directly about pain in these blogs. So this blog is about the struggle with feeling that we are NOT enough and do not DO enough. This is often a challenge when we have chronic pain. I had a deeply humbling period […]

Fake it ’till you make it

What nine months does for the embryo Forty early mornings Will do for your growing awareness Jelaluddin Rumi This post is about my meditation practice and is clearly not written for the practiced meditator. One year ago I participated in the meditations offered by  The Winterfeast for the Soul (the above quote is their motto, as […]

Book Review: More Language of Letting Go

This book with 366 “Meditations” by Melody Beattie has been a companion for over a year  now. Each day offers a personal reflection/story, a short meditation and an occasional “activity”. As is so often true with books like this, I continually find that Melody speaks to a current issue, just where I open the book. […]