10 Step Approach To Living with Chronic Pain – A Video

IMG_4661This is a wonderful recording of a webinar with Dr. Serena Patterson where she describes her 10 Step approach to living with chronic pain. First time I have seen someone talk about grumpiness. Later she talks about sensitization through pain so that even wearing clothes can hurt. The section on grief is wonderful and she has a different way to understand the 1-10 pain scale which I find very helpful.

From the website of People in Pain, a Canadian group:
Tapping into the wisdom path of chronic pain is the goal of a new 10-step program being developed by local psychologist Dr. Serena Patterson. Beginning with “Stop Apologizing”, Dr. Patterson leads pain clients through steps to decrease shame, grieve for what is lost, communicate clearly about pain, understand how pain works in the body, build a “what works” list, and embrace a pain-informed spirituality of simplicity, beauty, gratitude and kindness.
Here is the link to the website. If you cannot find the video easily, here is the youtube link. She will do a part two as well.