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Are you sensory sensitive?

Are you sensitive to light, noise, touch and medications¬†in addition to having chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, or wide spread pain, moving pain (have you had pain in a number of different parts of your body over several years)? Dr. Dan Clauw, the Director of the Chronic Pain & Fatigue Center at the University of […]

Stop for Beauty

What stops you during your day to take a few breaths, and really look, or hear or smell something? For me it’s been yellow roses lately, beckoning to me right before I walk down the stairs. How often do you allow yourself to just stop when you notice something beautiful, or delicious, or touching? My […]

Driving comfortably

Having done a bit of driving lately, and adjusting to my husband’s “new” car, I was reminded to write about a favorite topic: getting comfortable and preventing pain while driving. My main premise: no matter how fancy the seats, they were probably not designed for you. I invite you to bring in additional props to […]

Pacing- a guest post

Here is an excellent article by fellow chronic pain blogger at The Princess in the Tower. It is such an important topic and gave me new ways to think about pacing. Please continue reading the even more important second part on her website, and check out her Facebook page. She offers information about chronic pain […]