Yes you can– dance with pain

Here are four ways to move and dance even with pain and limited ability: I promised I would not give you the standard 4 ways to… but you will find these are not standard. This kind of movement invites you to tune into your body and experiment. That takes some getting used to for most […]

Chronic pain and what’s Enough?

Chronic pain and being enough I just realized that I do not often write directly about pain in these blogs. So this blog is about the struggle with feeling that we are NOT enough and do not DO enough. This is often a challenge when we have chronic pain. I had a deeply humbling period […]

Fall Leaves

You may be getting tired of raking leaves, but I just found some dry ones to shuffle through this morning. And I feel happy. I grew up in Germany and so I get colored–leaf–deprived this time of year. Living in Redwood country, I have to find the few places that have planted deciduous trees and […]