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Distraction, imagery, meditation and mindfulness

Which one should you use to manage your pain? How are they different? As usual, that depends. You might think of distraction as the one end of a spectrum and mindfulness as the other. Imagery and meditation then might be the tools to go either direction. All of them are useful at the right time. […]

An invitation to explore meditation

Today I want to point you to a meditation that is a great introduction, and is presented beautifully by meditation teacher Tara Brach. Listen to it here for free. In 28 minutes Tara will talk you through how to sit, breathe, relax, feel your body, attend to sounds, and return kindly to your mindful state after […]

Got New Insurance – Now What?

If you have new insurance, perhaps through the recent Affordable Care Act, and you are looking for medical care for your chronic pain, here are a few pointers. Make a Health History Document: This is one of my tricks to get good care fast when I come to a new doctor’s office. It shows your […]