Archives for April 2015

Pain is in your brain- Video

I have followed Lorimer Moseley’s and his institute’s work for the past few years. He is a researcher in Australia. Here is a 24 minute talk that is both entertaining and quite interesting. He explains how the brain learns to be in chronic pain, showing that the meaning attributed by the brain determines how much […]

Stress and mindfulness- Video

Here is a great presentation about mindfulness and stress reduction. Shamash Alidina is a teacher of MBSR- Mindfuless based stress Reduction. He defines what mindfulness is, gives a number of helpful tips, and offers a fascinating brief video to “test” our attention.

The Sweet Spot: Book Review and video

The Sweet Spot is an excellent book that helped me to get going on  and actively work on my currentbig project. (The one that keeps me from posting more regularly). Christine is a sociologist at the Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley, and while her book is easy and conversational to read, its content is based […]