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Water is therapeutic

Do you swim? Spend time in or by the water? I have long felt that being near running water and hearing its sounds for several hours at a time can be deeply nourishing. That could be a tiny creek that runs over a few boulders- I am told there need to be air bubbles to […]

Book review: Move into Life

I am happy to introduce this book to you. I have spent a vacation week opening it at random, taking notes, talking about it to family and absorbing it’s message. This book combines three of my greatest interests: encouraging physical movement, flexibility of body, thinking and emotions, and information about neuroplasticity in this context. If […]

The new abdominals

Here is a variation on my favorite abdominal exercise. It appears that the traditional crunches are not that beneficial, but that we need to find ways to strengthen the long and the deeper abdominal muscles. I am seeing a real change in strength and posture from doing these. Of course, as always, make sure this […]

A New Year: meditation invitation

This is a good time to take another look at meditation, give it another try: Here is an excerpt from the Shambala Magazine that might help, part of an interview with three well-known meditation teachers. See Interview below. If you like using a variety of guided meditations, starting January 15 the Winter Feast for the Soul […]