Book Review: More Language of Letting Go

language of letting go book coverThis book with 366 “Meditations” by Melody Beattie has been a companion for over a year  now. Each day offers a personal reflection/story, a short meditation and an occasional “activity”. As is so often true with books like this, I continually find that Melody speaks to a current issue, just where I open the book.

“September 15th:

What you do is not who you are.
You are more, much more than that.”

Melody’s writing is direct, compassionate and often the situations are so recognizable– even though she often tells stories about learning to skydive. But she might as well be talking about overcoming chronic pain. As you read through the book one day at a time, a journey unfolds to nurture your spiritual, emotional and psychological health. She encourages you to find out who you are, what is important to you, and how to say no, when you need to. Along the way there are many invitations for letting go of what does not serve you any longer. Reminders that so many of us with chronic pain can use more than once a year.

While Melody’s best know for books to help with recovery and codependency, this book can be helpful for any of us engaged in busy lives. Whether we are hard on ourselves, or have difficulty saying no to helping out everyone else, even though we are hurting, or needing to step back for a few minutes a day to reflect on what we are doing and where we are going, there is plenty of inspiration here. Highly recommended. Take a look at January 1 through 18 to see if this book appeals to you.