Bouncing Back- Book Review

bouncing backRewiring your brain for maximum resilience and well-being by Linda Graham.

This is a hefty book at 430 pages with both practical tips, some very simple and easy to follow, and the background science for those of us who want to understand the details. Some of the techniques could make a difference in just minutes. There are many stories and case examples.

To create new habits:
” Scientists differ in their assessment of how many times a pattern of neural firing must be repeated to be reliably encoded in the brain. Some data indicate seventeen times; another study concluded fifty-six. But even if we don’t know exactly how long we must practice a habit to stabilize the new brain structure, we do know that a few moments of practice many times as day [my emphasis] is more effective than an hour once a week… We also know that a stance of willingness– focusing on possibilities– is more effective than a stance of willpower– focusing on performance.” pg 94 Perseverance in Bouncing Back. 

This is a nice brief interview that gives some great, easy tips to begin to build skills that make us more resilient.

Linda also maintains a fabulous website and newsletter. If you like quotes, links to inspiring stories, new research and more, her newsletters come frequently and are quite interesting. Check out this page with audio instructions and exercises from the book.

This book would also be a good choice to buy for kindle or other e-Reader, and carry around on your phone or pad.